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Detects Excess Heat
The image above is a common sight in many homes and businesses around the world. The benefit to a safety gadget like Firemole is that it is not restricted by country. It can work anywhere in the world.

Children now have numerous electronic devices in their rooms and it poses a major fire risk in the home, as reported by Electrical Safety First in this article.

Firemole can give you an early warning of high temperatures to give you the best chance of preventing a fire.
Firemole comes with you on the go. Firemoles compact design ensures it doesn't get in the way and when attached to phones users have said it gives them a more comfortable and stronger grip.

Straight Forward
There is a test/silence button located just underneath the surface of the shell which can be pressed using the tip of a pen or other thin implement. The reason it is not on the surface is simple, if you have the charger in your bag, the button may be accidently pressed, setting off the alarm.
Easy to Use
Firemole was designed with the user in mind as it is an essential gadget that everybody can benefit from. Firemoles ease of use means we have customers who are 16 to 75 using it.

Use Anywhere
Firemole's high quality 3M adhesive allows it to stick firmly to flat surfaces which allows for a thermal path to be created between the surface it is attached to and the sensor within Firemole. If you stop using the device that your Firemole is on, simply remove it from the old device and attach the Firemole to the new one.

Audible Alarm
Firemole's alarm is loud enough to be heard around a typical three bedroom house and it perfectly complements a working fire detection system.


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