SINGLE FIREMOLE DEVICE (est. delivery August)

SINGLE FIREMOLE DEVICE (est. delivery August)

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Chargers and other electronics are a part of everyday life now and we need to know if those devices are getting too hot so injuries and fires can be prevented. Firemole is the answer to this problem.

Firemole is a patent pending device that is designed to be attached to phone, laptop or tablet chargers. Once a temperature over 54ºC is detected, it sounds an inbuilt alarm.

Firemole detects temperature through the base of the device and it monitors the surface area beneath it.

With children now having so many electronic devices in their rooms, a device like Firemole is needed to keep them safe.


  • User-friendly.
  • Installed in seconds.
  • Inbuilt alarm activated at temperatures over 54ºC.
  • Test/Silence button.
  • Replaceable battery (up to 18-month battery life).
  • Only needs a small flat area to attach to (about the size of a stamp).