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What is Firemole?

Firemole is an easy to use patent-pending temperature sensing alarm that can be attached to devices such as chargers. Firemole monitors the surface area beneath it and sounds an inbuilt alarm once it detects temperatures over 54°C or 129°F.

Do I need to download an app to use Firemole?

No. This version of Firemole is a stand-alone device, meaning it does not rely on apps or wireless signals to work, making it very easy for everyone to use.

How loud is the alarm in Firemole?

Firemole's alarm can be heard from approximately 15 metres away. 

What temperature will Firemole sound an alarm?

Firemole will sound the alarm when it detects temperatures over 54°C or 129°F.

Where can Firemole be used?

Firemole is designed to monitor small surface areas, such as phone, laptop chargers, baby monitors and more. It is meant for indoor use only. It needs a small flat area, about the size of a stamp to adhere to (18mm x 20mm). Firemole should not be used on areas that are meant to get over 54°C e.g hair straighteners, kettles, toasters, heaters etc.  


Can Firemole be moved between devices?

Yes, depending on the condition of the adhesive pad once you remove the Firemole from the initial device. If you remove the Firemole from a surface and there is no damage to the adhesive pad, it can be attached to another device. If the adhesive pad is not fully in tact or has dirt stuck to it, a new adhesive should be purchased on the site.

Why does the alarm sound at a temperature over 54°C (129°F)?

The primary reason Firemole sounds its alarm at that temperature is that human skin tissue can begin to be damaged at a temperature as low as 50°C (122°F), especially in younger children. 

Can I leave my charger plugged in all the time if I use a Firemole?

No. Chargers should only be used when people are in the vicinity and never left plugged in when leaving your home.

Will Firemole alert me if I am outside of my house? 

No. Firemole does not send a message to your phone and will only alert you if you are in the vicinity of the device. We do not recommend leaving any device charging unattended.

Can the battery be replaced?

Yes, once the battery is running low, Firemole will emit a beep every 5 minutes. The 3v 2032 lithium batteries are widely available in stores. 

Will Firemole alert me if the chargers lead overheats?

No. Firemole only monitors the surface area beneath where it is attached. 

How long does the battery last?

Firemole’s battery lasts approximately 18 months.

Where can I buy the batteries?

Most retailers will carry the battery Firemole uses.

What type of battery does Firemole use?

Firemole uses a 3v 2032 lithium coin battery.

Can I use Firemole instead of my current fire detectors?

No. Firemole is not designed to replace fire detectors. Firemole is designed to warn people of rising temperatures from a specific surface. It is not designed to detect fires.

What do I do if the alarm goes off?

If Firemole sounds it's inbuilt alarm, power should be isolated to the device to allow it to cool down. If the surface in which Firemole is attached repeatedly* sets off the alarm after power is reconnected, it should be checked by qualified personnel or replaced.

*Mac chargers can get to temperatures over 54ºC at times. If the alarm sounds, press the reset button and unplug the charger.