About Us

Firemole is a young company that is developing a range of innovative fire safety devices that can protect people and their property. There has been huge growth in the electronic and electrical markets over the last number of years, but there has not been the proportional growth in safety devices to protect people from faulty, ageing or counterfeit equipment.

Firemole monitors the electronic and electrical equipment that people use every day. We are using unique, stylish, patent-pending designs so that Firemole is a product that people want to use.

Firemole is focusing on fire prevention over fire detection and our R&D team is working closely with research centres to reduce the number of injuries and fires worldwide that are caused by faulty electrical and electronic equipment.

Firemole began trading in September 2017 and has already shipped across Europe, US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

If you would like to get in contact with Firemole, you can contact us via email