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What present to get my Dad?


Let's face it, buying presents for your parents, especially for your Dad can be a painstaking task. Running from store to store trying to find something he might have the slightest interest in and ending up buying him another pair of socks, or a tie is an all too common story.

Well, we have the ideal gift that you can get him and that's Firemole. Protecting their home and their family is a Dad's biggest priority and the threat of fire is a serious one in modern homes today.

Firemole is a multi-award winning fire safety gadget that protects people's tech but also their homes by sounding an inbuilt alarm when Firemole detects high temperatures.

Firemole has already been attributed to preventing a number of fires, one of which was in a London apartment block, with Firemole waking the person at 3am just as their charger was about to go on fire.

Firemole doesn't need any apps or downloads so it couldn't be easier to use. You just pull the battery tab from the back, peel the film from the adhesive base and stick it to the surface you want to monitor, such as phone chargers, and you're good to go.

Firemole is a gift your Dad will really get use of and most importantly, it isn't a pair of socks :)

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