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The growing challenge of parenting

Going back 30 or 40 years, there was not the pressure and strains associated with daily life as there is today. Parents and children are facing new challenges in this digital world and there is a constant battle in households about the time spent by children on social media and games consoles. For kids now, increasing their popularity in their digital lives can take precedence over their physical lives.

How do parents keep their children safe both digitally and physically in a world where parents typically know nothing about? This is a question many parents ask themselves today and one there is, unfortunately, no straight answer to, all you can do is your best.

By taking simple steps, you can make improvements to your child's internet safety and their physical safety.

Ensuring the parental controls are in use on games consoles, TV's and on the internet gives you control over what your children can access. To figure out how you to turn on the parental controls for the devices your children are using, a simple Google search should give you the answer or if you still have the user manuals, that should have the information you need.

Over the last few years, kids have been given phones so they can keep in contact with home and with their friends and this is important from a safety point of view and from a social aspect. Giving them a phone doesn't mean it has to have all the bells and whistles that top of the range smartphones have. Nokia released an updated 3310 which allows for many of the popular apps so children can keep in contact with friends. With this phone starting from €20 it's a no-brainer and a great starter phone.

With so much technology in homes now, and in particular in children's rooms, there has been a huge increase in the number of fires occurring. Here are a few reasons for this:

1. A leading cause of fires is chargers and other electronics being left on soft surfaces as it can lead to a device overheating.  We were recently contacted by a mother whose son had left a tablet on a pillow causing a fire and the family had to move out of their home for 6 months. She had wished she had heard of Firemole sooner as it could have avoided this disaster.

2. Using counterfeit devices. This is never advised and from our own research conducted, it showed that many of the safety components were not present in the cheap chargers so it is always advised to buy genuine chargers. Caution is still needed with anything that uses electricity and even if you are buying a major brands product, things can still go wrong, as can be seen from the Samsung Note 7 incident and more recently Toshiba recalling laptop chargers due to them posing a fire risk.

3. With phones, chargers and many other electronics getting dragged around with us every day, damage can occur which can lead to a fire. If cables are frayed the lead should be gotten rid of immediately but the more dangerous issue can be damage that we cannot see. Within the plug tops for phones or the blocks in the middle of the laptop charger leads, there are numerous components and if any of these get damaged it can lead to heat building up. 

Firemole is an easy to use safety gadget that parents can attach to any flat surface and once it detects a high temperature, it sounds and inbuilt alarm. Firemole does not need any apps or other downloads and is perfect for parents who are worried about their children having so many devices in their room.

 So whether you are looking to increase the digital safety or the physical safety of your children, by following the simple steps above, you could gain some much-needed peace of mind.