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How To Spot Counterfeit Chargers This Christmas

The latest electrical gadgets will be at the top of many people's Christmas lists but buying or being gifted a counterfeit charger to power them could cause a potentially devastating fire and leave your festive celebrations in ruins.  


Nine out of ten "Apple" chargers on Amazon were found to be counterfeit and unless you really know what you are looking at on the charger, you can be easily duped.

So how do you spot a counterfeit? It is getting more and more difficult as fraudsters are getting better imitating the real thing, but there are some obvious signs that you should be aware of:

  • The overall quality and finish of the product
  • Look for a manufacturer's' brand name or logo, model and batch number.
  • Check for the "CE" safety mark, but be aware it can be easily forged.
  • Look for a certification mark by the device manufacturer

If in doubt purchase from an authorised seller. Genuine chargers are much safer than the counterfeit ones but it is important to remember that no matter whether it is real or fake, anything that draws a current has the potential to malfunction and start a fire. 

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