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How New Technology is Improving Safety at Home

Advances in technology have revolutionised many industries in recent years. Now, new technology is improving safety in the home in a whole myriad of ways. These advances let us rest easy knowing that our home and loved ones are safe while simplifying the process, too.

Let’s look at some of the ways new technologies are improving safety in the home.

  • Electrical Device Safety Alarm
  • Our own Firemole is a handy little alarm which can be fitted to devices around your home to ensure that if it overheats, you are aware of it and can disconnect it from the mains before any fire risk develops into a full-blown fire. When Firemole detects a temperature of above 54 Celsius, an inbuilt alarm will sound. You don't need any apps, simply fit Firemole to your device and replace the battery once it emits a single beep every 5 minutes. The battery life is typically after 18 months. In a world where every house has multiple devices, often left to charge for long periods, Firemole is improving safety around electrical devices.

  • Wireless Device Switches
  • Have you ever thought you left an appliance on after leaving the house? The feeling of sheer panic is horrible. However, thanks to improved technology, you can now purchase a range of products which allow you to power off your appliances on the go. Smart home technology allows you to turn on and off your heating, lights, and other appliances using your smartphone. Using a special plug adapter, you can control the device plugged into the outlet from your smartphone. This technology is improving safety while also helping you to keep an eye on your energy bill. Good news all round!

  • Smart Noxious Gas & Smoke Alarms
  • While smoke detectors are a necessary item in all homes, most have limited functionality. There are a number of brands of detectors which emit their alarm in the presence of both smoke and carbon monoxide. Features can include a light to guide you in the dark and a voice that tells you where the gas or smoke is. Some models self-test themselves, which is very useful given that most of us neglect to check our smoke alarms on a regular basis. In addition to improved safety, some models monitor the air quality in your home. They let you know when to open a window to let out excess carbon dioxide, or when to expect a high pollen count.

    Technology has allowed smoke detectors to come a long way. The next time you invest in a smoke alarm, why not explore your options for this key safety device?

  • Alternative Cooking Methods
  • Although not a safety device, another way of improving safety in your home is to explore alternative ways of cooking. The majority of household fires are started through cooking and while chip pans, grills and gas rings can be a source of fire risk in your home, new technology is providing alternative cooking methods which can be safer, healthier and, perhaps, even tastier too.

    A good quality steamer can cook practically any food you like without the need for an open flame. However, if you want to try some new exciting technology, there a range of products on the market to help you cook using a method called Sous Vide. This method, a French term that means under vacuum, first became popular in the 1970's. The modern approach uses technology to cook your food in heated water for the right amount of time. Devices heat your pan of water to the correct temperature, monitor it during cooking, then switch off when the food is ready. Again, this is a healthy way to cook nutritious meals while reducing the fire risk in your kitchen. As with any cooking appliance, ensure you don't leave them alone for too long.

    These items are just a sample of some of the different ways technology can help improve safety in the home. We haven’t even touched on security devices or personal safety devices. Although technology often gets a hard time for complicating life, it also has great benefits.

    Have you thought about employing new technology in your home to make it a safer place for you and your family? Let us know your thoughts below.