Protect your home from overheating devices for only €6.95

Firemole – A Must Have For Home Safety

Over the last year, there have been 35% more residential fires and 13% more business fires, due to lack of a proper fire safety devices.

An exciting new product that has recently hit the European market, Firemole, is all about fire prevention monitoring rather than fire detection. Frankly speaking, there is no better way to keep your property protected from fires, especially when it comes to keeping your kids safe.

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What Exactly Does Firemole Do?

Firemole is a one-of-a-kind, innovative fire safety gadget that gives you complete peace of mind when it comes to keeping overheating electronic devices safe. In most cases, you don’t know until it’s too late – you see sparks flying and your laptop adapter or smartphone battery charger is fried for good.

Families in particular really stand to gain from Firemole’s fire safety and prevention capabilities as it is not only really simple to use but also does not require any technical know-how, making it ideal for all ages. You will no longer be dealing with burned out sockets, plugs or chargers.

Talks with insurance companies are already underway about the possibility of reduced premiums for users who have Firemoles installed in their homes. 

How the Fire Safety Mechanism Works

Firemole has a standalone temperature detector which sets off an inbuilt alarm once a specific temperature is registered. The fire safety gadget is powered by a replaceable button battery which lasts up to 18 months. There is no need for apps or downloads in order to make it work.

All you need to do is pull the battery tab at the back, peel the film from the adhesive base and stick it right onto the surface that you want to monitor. If you think about it, Firemole is an unapologetically simple solution to a growing and serious problem.   

In the event that Firemole registers a temperature of 54°C, the alarm sounds, giving you the time to deal with the situation. There is a good reason Firemole's founder, Sean, set the warning at this temperature specifically – skin tissue can be burnt at temperatures of around 50°C, particularly in younger children. We all need to keep our kids safe, which is why alarm sounds going off at this temperature are very important, so as to prevent any serious damage to you or your electrical devices.

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Demand Continues to Soar for Firemole 

At the moment, fire detection devices are mostly seen as a pain to buy and install and are not interesting enough to warrant a purchase by some homes. However, a fire safety device like Firemole is a very proactive approach against fire protection, creating far more long-term value at a significantly lower cost.

It is fair to say that this first of its kind fire prevention device is something that has become a must-have for every home and business since the number of electronic and electrical devices being used will only rise with time.

We all want to prevent a fire from occurring in our homes and Firemole can give you that chance. Get yours here: