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Fire in a London Apartment Block Prevented by Firemole

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Our award-winning fire safety gadget, Firemole, has been attributed with preventing a fire in an apartment block in the East Dulwich area of London, saving the property and potentially a number of lives!

Reports from a customer stated that he was woken up at 3am on Saturday morning by the alarm emitted by the Firemole. The customer states that the Firemole was attached to a charger which was next to his bed and when he was woken up, he saw smoke beginning to come from the charger.

The customer stated; "Without the Firemole being in place on the charger, I would not have been alerted to the issue and things could have ended much differently." He is also quoted in saying “I didn’t appreciate the true value of a product like Firemole until this happened”.

These stories are unfortunate but it makes the work we are doing at Firemole worth it. Things could have ended in tragedy if the Firemole was not in place, and with our growing reliance on technology, incidents like this will most likely increase.

What adds more value to Firemole, is that even though it prevented this fire, it can be removed from the damaged charger and used again so it continues to protect the property and the customer on a new device. 

The cause of this incident seems to have been the use of a charger which was not suitable for the device being charged. It is easily done, and a common sight in homes and businesses. 

This goes to show the importance of having Firemoles and also the endless value it could bring to situations like this. 

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