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A Worrying Increase In Fires Due To Faulty Electronics

Fire alarm and security systems are literally a life-saving investment every household must have. Historically, fire and smoke detection systems have managed to save lives and properties by alerting people in time to stop fires from escalating.

But sadly, over the ages, fires have still been one of the most destructive perils with a fatal effect. They have been known to consume multi-billion dollar properties and reduced them to ashes within a matter of minutes. There are several types of fires usually based on their respective sources such as: 

  • Class B – Flammable liquids
  • Class C – Flammable gases
  • Class D – Metal Fires
  • Electrical Fires (Not classified)
  • Class F – Cooking oil fires

Of course, our focus is on electrical fires and its reported increase in homes nowadays. Usually, there are some fire outbreaks that you cannot evade or control.  However, you could have control of a range of fires that may occur in your house. The critical thing is identifying what actions to take and how quickly to take those actions.


An electrical fire is a primary killer in homes

True, an electrical fire is a primary killer in many homes. Statistics show that over time, there has been an increase in electrical fires by 35%. Interestingly, this is an alarming figure considering the effect this has on you at a personal level.  Interestingly, the use of faulty electrical appliances at homes is responsible for most of the electrical fires.

These may either be damaged, too old to function correctly or even use of counterfeit electronics. It may prove challenging to know the point at which these electronics start to pose a threat. This lack of knowledge heightens the risk exposure, putting your entire family at risk.

However, it is now possible to know precisely how and when you have been exposed to such perils thanks to Firemoles!

Fire caused by faulty charger. Fire alarm system activated. Faulty electronics cause increase in fires. Firemole is focusing on fire prevention by warning people of high temperatures from devices


Reliable fire alarm and security systems

Firemoles enables you to detect when the electronic device you are using has exceeded temperature levels of 54C. The Firemoles can be used on the most common devices used at homes. For instance, it has been shown that chargers pose a high threat when it comes to electrical fires. That's right, and this is because they can be subject to overheating. Other devices include phones, laptops, tablets or even baby monitors.


Key Components of Firemoles

  1. Firemoles come with an inbuilt temperature sensor and alarm. They are made in such a way that they are triggered by temperatures exceeding 54°C. This way, you can quickly disconnect the device hence protecting your family and property at home.
  1. They have a very secure test button designed to ensure workability of the device. Like several security alarm systems, you can conduct your testing and reset it in a way that you will know, in case there is any alarm requiring your attention. 
  1. It is also imperative to note that you do not require any unique technical know-how to operate Firemoles. Simplicity has been well outlined in the designs to ensure quick response when a need arises. In many instances, the speed in response to the fire and smoke detection systems may mean life or death to the affected individuals. It is for this reason that Firemoles is designed with ease of usage in mind.
  1. Firemoles are quite durable with a battery that is made to conserve power for long periods. In fact, the battery has a long life of 18 months, and it can be easily replaced. Also, it will give a warning in advance when the power is low ensuring you are not left exposed by emitting a beep every 5 minutes.

 Keeping your family safe has to be the number one priority at all times. Hence, reliable and efficient fire alarm and security systems should be installed to provide security from fires. Firemoles perfectly complement your existing fire alarm system and they can give you the early warning you need to