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"Your device woke me up at 3am when my charger was overheating and just beginning to smoke. I live in a London apartment block and Firemole could have prevented a major fire. I've bought 10 more to give to my friends as I see the true value in it now"

Richard C, London

"Hi Sean, Amazing product. I bought the product for both business and home use and have given some free to a few customers of mine who will be in contact with you to get some"

John Kierans, JK Office Furniture

"The simplicity of Firemole is great and exactly what I wanted. With so many devices around the house and the kids room full of electronics, Firemole gives me great peace of mind. They should be made regulation in all homes."

Elsha Narachi, California

Firemole is a National Award Winner

Who needs Firemole


Many fires are caused by people, particularly children, restricting the breathing space for devices by putting them on beds or other soft surfaces. This doesn't allow the heat to escape which leads to overheating.

Faulty electronic devices are also a leading cause of fires, and by adding Firemoles to your home, with effective use on identifiable fire hazards; chargers, powerbanks and baby monitors, this helps to greatly improve your chances of preventing a fire in the home.

Firemole's inbuilt alarm is loud enough to be heard around a typical three bedroom house and it perfectly complements a working fire detection system.

Commercial and Industry

Work spaces are becoming ever more connected and up-time depends on effective and reliable workflow. With an ever increasing number of electrical devices, the fire hazard also increases.

When electrical devices cause damage to mission critical hardware, or disrupt the work-space due to fire damage or hardware replacement, it can result in the loss of valuable time and revenues which collectively affect your bottom line.

Ensure that your offices and field agents are covered from potential fire risk by introducing Firemole.

Property Management

Rented properties risk being exposed to a wide range of new and old electrical devices which potentially pose risks to the neighbouring properties or the overall premises.

Awareness of fire hazards can help, but it doesn't help to identify the moment a device fails, which can lead to a breakout of fire, posing risks to both property and occupants.

By ensuring your tenants follow a common fire safety code as set out by your agency with the use of Firemole on all identifiable fire hazards, you can stand to reduce the risk of fire damage or risk to property and occupants.